Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Springtime Award

Thanks to blogger pal Poetikat at Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes for the above award -- much needed by detroit dog today, and very much appreciated.

Do you need an award today, too? You are welcome to share in mine. Enjoy the spring.


  1. Congratulation with the Award - it seems to be a highly deserved price.

    Thank you for the nice comment! BTW - have you removed one of your blogs?

  2. I love your blog may I link??I may consult you in the future - I just read a lot about foreclosure pets up 100 more monthly some states offering long term care for pets how wonderful - hope you love the award

  3. I am glad that Sandy's lovely award has been bringing joy wherever it lands.


  4. RuneE: Thanks for stopping by! I'll have to put the other blog to show on the profile. Keep puttin' it up and takin' it down. So indecisive!

    i beati: Thank you, too, for stopping by and commenting. You are welcome to link to my blog. I'll stop by your blog this week to check it out.

    Poetikat: Thanks again for the award. Sometimes these little things can brighten up a day.


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