Saturday, March 8, 2008

Nellie McKay and Animal Welfare

Scott Gries / Getty Images
(image lifted form NPR web site)

Tonight, detroit dog went to see the multitalented Nellie McKay perform at a local museum. She was phenomenal. She has a beautiful voice, and sings in a rather jazz-inflected style; she plays piano and ukelele. And she is hilarious, and rather irreverent. "Performance Art" really. She sang about feminists, dogs, cats, love, and her encore was Ella Fitzgerald's signature song A-Tisket A-Tasket.

Animal welfare is obviously a very important topic for Ms. McKay as she talked - and sang - about animals used in lab experiments. Check out her The Dog Song. Love and life summed up. She suggested that audience members check out the following web site for more information: (as in Columbia University); the link won't work, so I am suggesting that readers visit PETA's "10 Worst Laboratories List" (U.S. universities). You can read all about animal lab testing on animals, and why these 10 universities are deemed to have the worst labs. (Her first album is titled Get Away From Me and was released, oddly enough, on the Columbia Records label.)

You can also check out Nellie McKay on Wikipedia, or hear her NPR interview Nellie McKay, Live on 'Fresh Air' with Terry Gross. very cool.

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