Friday, February 1, 2008

Animals, Pets, and Alcoholic Beverages

Another post as a result of someone's internet search that brought them to The Dog House....

Someone "googled" Guinea pigs drinking vodka. You gotta love reading stats; or be horrified by them.

detroit dog's advice: If your pet drinks an alcoholic beverage, at the very least call your local vet or the Animal Poison hotline (see top of blog sidebar). If it's after hours for your vet, call anyway. Chances are very good that their voice message will refer you to a local animal animal hospital, giving you it's name and phone number (my vet's office relays this information); talk is free.

Please don't take the time to do an internet search; call the vet.

My girl, a greyhound, once drank some of my Bailey's Irish Creme when I walked out of the room briefly. I freaked, then I called the local animal hospital; they told me to keep an eye on her for several hours and watch for behavioral changes. If something didn't "seem right," they said, I should bring her in.

I don't understand how a guinea pig could accidentally drink vodka. It's not like they are taller than drinking glasses or hang out on your end table; and how do you mistake a faucet or water pitcher for a bottle of vodka?

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  1. Re: the guinea pig - sounds less like an accident than a prank gone awry. Kids perhaps?


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