Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Bleeding Dogs, Cats, Pets

A quick post, as I noticed blog stats showed someone landed here after "Googling" What is the cause if I found blood in my dog house.
Don't bother doing an internet search if your dog is bleeding or you notice blood in its house; get your dog to the vet now even if your dog appears to be o.k.
  1. Causes of bleeding could include the following:
    1. The dog is a female that has not been spayed (and is in heat)
    2. Your dog has a urinary tract infection; if it's bleeding, then it is more serious and needs to see a vet now - not two days from now as your dog could be dead by then.
    3. The dog has a cut or wound that is not immediately recognizable (look for skin that appears to be a 'flap': the dog has somehow sliced itself - perhaps on a fence or piece of wood.
    4. If it's winter, check your dog's footpads and between its toes for cracks due to dryness or salt/ice-melt chemicals. (Clean the pads, and be sure to moisturize with Bag Balm or Musher's Secret - both available at your local pet store and online.)
    5. Ingestion of harmful chemicals or materials.
If it's financially difficult for you to pay your vet, ask him/her to allow you a payment plan or call your local Humane Society, which (here in Detroit, at least) provides very low cost pet health care.

Note: If your cat is bleeding, there is a good chance it has a urinary tract infection. These are even more lethal in cats, and you need to get the cat to a vet - now, or the cat could be dead tomorrow morning. If your cat appears to be dragging or 'wiping' its rear end across the floor, chances are good that it has a urinary tract infection that has not yet gotten to the bleeding stage. (I note this from personal experience with two of my cats in the 1990s.)

Note: If your dog appears to be dragging or 'wiping' its rear end or butt across the floor and/or has bloody stool, there is a good chance that your dog might have worms or a severe intestinal problem. Get your dog to the vet, quick! (Info/post revision thanks to Colby, whom left a comment on this post.)


detroit dog's advice: If your pet is bleeding and you don't know why, get your pet to the vet now; ask questions later.


  1. I do that sometimes on sitemeter, and end up seeing some of the wierdest searches that bring people in. Some of them are really quite gross and out of context too.


  2. How do you find out what keywords people search for that find your blog? This is quite interesting!!

    I hope you are doing well. I have been thinking of you.

    I posted a video of my little doggy. :) Take a look if you get a chance!


  3. I can check the keywords people search using awstats on my hosting service.

    My parents dog used to scoot along the ground when they first picked him up from the shelter. We later found out he had worms.

  4. Thanks Colby! I revised this post to include your information.

  5. our little shitsu just died he was bleeding from his butt can anyone tell me what could have caused him to bleed he had a stream coming out his butt


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