Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Detroit Dog's 8 Great Holiday Gifts for Your Pet....

Here are detroit dog's 8 great holiday gift suggestions for your beloved non-dog pet! A variety of affordable, necessary, and luxury-made items for ferrets, rabbits, cats, guinea pigs, and birds -- and their people of all types.
  1. Super Pet Super Sleeper Sleep-E-Tent, for your ferret. Zippered, it's a very hip, brightly colored fleece tent (with round entry hole), offering privacy and snuggly comfort; un-zippered it's a cozy hammock. Wish I had one! $7.59 at Ferret.com.
  2. Marshall Frontpack for ferrets. Not a backpack - a frontpack. Carry your pet with you - stylishly and safely. The frontpack is vented, has pockets for food and a water bottle, a lead attachment, and a mesh window to see what's coming. Long and wide straps look comfy for you, too. $19.99 at Drs. Foster and Smith.
  3. A Bunny Toy Box - for your bunny. A cute little toy box made of chew-safe pine, with a bottom layer of Timothy hay, and filled with balls, chew rings, cube chips, apple stick, pine cone, and a treat dispenser ball. Heaven! $29.95 at The Busy Bunny.
  4. A Window Perch for your cat. Easily assembled and attachable, the 14"x24" orthopedic foam perch/bed comes with or without thermostat heating. Watch the squirrels go by! Now on sale for $34.99 at Catguys.com
  5. A Cat Tree. A wall-mountable scratching surface for your cat, with replace corrugated pads. Very stylish...rather like a scratch-able artwork for your wall. $90; $25 for replacement pads, at Everyday Studio.
  6. A foraging toy, to satisfy your larger bird's call of the wild, Nature's Instinct Rings of Fortune challenges your beloved bird with treats. $19.99 at Bird.com
  7. The Birdy Condo for your parakeet. Rather like a floral print hanging tent, the Condo makes a great nest-like home for your small bird. Machine washable. $11.99 at Bird.com
  8. A new and Big guinea pig Home! Open and closed cages, one and two levels, with a variety of features and options (ramps, decks, hay racks). It's amazing. Your piggy will love you. Prices vary. Guineapigcages.com
Happy New Year!


  1. What happened to your other web site? It's not on your profile anymore.


  2. Some of these presents I would like. Especially that ferret tent.


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