Thursday, December 6, 2007

Detroit Dog's 8 Great Holiday Gifts For Your Dog...

Here are detroit dog's 8 great holiday gift suggestions for your beloved dog! A variety of affordable, necessary, and luxury-made items for dogs of all sizes and their people of all types.

  1. Flashing LED collar. Great for keeping an eye on your dog during the night (at the park, if you have a very large yard, if s/he has a tendency to jump the fence, etc.). The ASPCA sells one at their online store that can be worn with and without lights flashing (like a regular collar). Runs on lithium batteries. $13 - $17. If you're buying for your greyhound, please use this collar in addition to a martingale collar.
  2. Pet First-Aid kit. Also at the ASPCA online store. All the supplies you could possibly need for those little accidents or boo-boos or for those emergency moments on the way to the vet. Very handy little carrying case with 126 items, including a First Aid guide, a slip leash, topical antibiotics, and more. For the home or travel. $50.
  3. Eco-friendly hemp bed, hemp collar, or hemp toy. Eco-friendly. 'nuf said. Earth Dog.
  4. Raised dog bowls. That's right, raised dog bowls. Do you like to bend your head all the way down to your bowl to eat? Well, maybe you do. But think about making it a bit easier for the family dog. Raised dog bowls help to prevent bloat and torsion (both life-threatening within minutes), especially in deep-chested dogs such as greyhounds and other site-hounds, dobermans, and others. If you and your pup would like something a little more lifestyle-appropriate, check out the designer-type raised bowls at The Pampered Pup. Styles include the "cottage chic feeder," the "wine dog diner," and the "paris gate feeder," among others. Prices $59 - $109. The gift that lasts a lifetime.
  5. Pet bike basket. Take your li'l doggies (under 15 pounds) with you on your bike-riding adventures. Check out the Pet Cruiser - Sport Style at Midnight Pass, with air flow vents, removable sunshade, safety harness, padded with pockets. Pink, blue, green, or silver. About $90. For you more traditional types, try the wicker basket at $80.
  6. Travel bed. Portable and in its own roll-sack. Great for those short camping trips or overnight hotel stays. $40 from Drs. Foster and Smith.
  7. Doggie Life Jacket. For those pups that accompany you on your boating and fishing trips, surfing, or other sports. Check out the Pet Saver Life Jackets and other outdoor gear at The Kyjen Company. Prices range about $18 - $36. Worth your pet's life.
  8. A Dog House! Very cool cedar dog houses - individual, duplex, raised, and kennel style - at Blythe Wood Works. Sizes range from small to Godzilla. With and without windows, some with a platform-type deck. Options available include pet mats and heated pads, and insulation. Prices vary.
Feliz Navidad!

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  1. I have a Doberman, and she has a raised dog bowl.


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