Thursday, October 18, 2007

In The Dog House: Ellen DeGeneres

This morning I watched the first few minutes of Ellen DeGeneres' show, and she had this to say about the Iggy the dog issue. "'s gotten out of hand.... I want nothing, nothing more than that dog returned to that family. But you don't resort to violence. So anybody out there, please stop that. Please don't threaten or do whatever." Then on to the next subject.

Gee, real strong words. Disappointing.

She's referring to the multitude of death and arson threats against the rescue group from which she'd adopted the dog "Iggy."

What gets me is that Ellen does not take responsibility for her actions, and blames the rescue group for the child not having the dog. Ellen did not abide by her contract, so the group reclaimed the dog as was their legal right; it was not her right to give away the dog.

More importantly, I believe, is that Ellen is not interested in what's best for the dog; she's interested in relieving the disappointment of her hairdresser's daughter. She doesn't say anything about what is best for the dog, and doesn't acknowledge that the rescue group, which is contractually responsible for the dog, is only doing what they believe is best for the dog - which is their mission. If Ellen DeGeneres hadn't made the mistake of giving the dog to her hairdresser, the kid wouldn't be upset; now the child has learned that it can hurt when someone gives you something that was not theirs to give.

Sobbing about all this on TV is really abominable. How could Ellen have been so thoughtless to believe that as a celebrity her public plea - which could only be to exert public pressure on the group (she could have kept this a private matter, without the media hype) - would not have negative repercussions for the rescue group? Since I can't believe that she's actually that stupid, I'd have to say that she was stupidly manipulative. And having a long, drawn out drama about the situation can't be in the best interests of the child.

Tough lessons.

Ellen DeGeneres moves into The Dog House, a place where several weeks ago I'd never have believed she'd reside.

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  1. I agree with you on this one. Had she contacted the group and discussed the issue with them, it would have been resolved quietly. All she has managed to do is upset a great deal of people and look like a bigger twit than she is.


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