Saturday, October 27, 2007

California Wildfire & Other Disasters: Find Your Rescued or Lost Pet/Animal

The Los Angeles Times today carries a very important story titled What fire victims need to know about their animals. The article tells how to find your pet or animal if it was lost or left behind (and rescued by someone else) during the current wildfire (or any such disaster), and how to care for your pet during periods of extreme stress such as you would also be experiencing.

Two great suggestions for finding your rescued/lost pet or other animal: phone (888) 738-7911, or on the internet, check or Remember to check your local shelters and animal control centers (for California wildfire disaster, check the post previous to this for names and phone #s).

If you need to find a temporary foster home for your pet, call (866) 654-4732 @

Remember also that during times of extreme stress, your pet's behavior may change - he she might be a little more aggressive, defensive or snappy; they are just as scared and worried as you are - they need reassurance too!

To read the L.A. Times story, click on this link. (Very important and thorough.)

detroit dog's advice: stay calm, stay close, stay informed; be aware of your pet's needs and this disaster will be a little less so.

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