Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mike Vick Plea Deal Sentence Suggestions

So, what punishment for Mike Vick and his dogfighting co-defendants?

My suggestions:
  • Lifetime suspension as an NFL player, regardless of gambling charges (please, tell me that gambling cannot be worse than hanging/shooting/electrocuting/body-slamming a dog, or using other animals as bait for fighting dogs)
  • Refund of Vick's $37 million signing bonus
  • Minimum 18 month jail sentence with no early release plus additional max years served as probation (and same for his cohorts; they should get the full jail sentence; I'm afraid to ask what could be more horribly deserving of a full sentence than Vick's acts)
  • The maximum fine allowable plus punitive damages (if that's at all possible) in the form of a $1 million donation to Newport News, Surry County, and Atlanta humane societies and/or animal shelters (tax write-off for him anyway?)
  • Permanent suspension of Vick's kennel license, and prohibition from ever owning any animal (same for his co-defendants)
  • Community service, one year full-time; while many are saying community service at an animal shelter or such, I can't say that I'd want him around any animals at all. Perhaps a soup kitchen. (Again, same for his co-defendants)
I would hope (for what that's worth) that he would be treated that well only if he truly "cooperated" and gave up much more worthwhile information. Of course, giving up that information would leave his back exposed.

What do you think?

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