Monday, June 4, 2007

Prisoners rehab greyhounds for adoption

Here is a recent article in The Detroit Free Press about a Michigan Prison program that helps "rehabilitate" greyhounds just off the track. Prisoners foster a greyhound for ten weeks and conduct obedience training for the dogs, which are then ready to proceed to foster homes and await adoption.

Greyhounds are wonderful pets. They are gentle, docile, and highly affectionate. Please consider greyhound adoption. The added bonus: greyhounds are easy to "housebreak" as they've always been let out of their crates on a regular schedule (generally, every six hours) to "take care of business."

Don't think that your home is too small. Bastet was adopted in NYC, and we lived in a small apartment together for over a year. Indoors, greyhounds are "couch potatoes." Outdoors, they like their walks.


  1. Thanks for your comments re my blog.

    And what a wonderful blog you have. I am a keen dog lover, since I was brought up with dogs.... Mmmmm, let me rephrase that - I was brought up in a kind and loving family, but we always had dogs as pets. They were a fond and well loved part of the family. Since I left my parents' house in my early 20's I've missed having a dog around - I work too many long hours and it would not be fair on the dog to be shut up at home all day. I can't wait for the time where my circumstances change and I can have one again.

    I think the rehabilitaion of greyhound dogs by Prisoners is a wonderful thing - providing education and love to both the dog and the inmate.

    Great post, great blog - keep it going!

  2. Our neighbour has a "retired and rehoused" greyhound, such a slinky hound. I was most surprised when she told me that it was very lazy and lounged around all day in the warmest spot. I like that people are encouraged to think twice before impulsively buying a pup from a shop when there are so many more humane options. Your blog is good to read. Dogs really are so giving and I like reading about people who appreciate. Linda


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