Thursday, April 5, 2007

Bastet R.I.P.

Bast Mahlet “Bastet”
8/1993 - 3/2007

AKA “GirlDog,” “Boobalah,” “Sweet Pea,” “Lady,” “Pookie-Girl” and “Nose in Holes.” Professional Name: Pa’s Ions Cash.

Our much-loved girl, our Sweet Pea, Bastet today has gone on pilgrimage. We cannot thank her enough for the joy she has brought us, the lessons she has taught us, and the comfort and unconditional love she gave us.

Bastet was adopted in NYC by Veronica in 1997, a week after retiring from professional racing life in Plainfield, CT. She settled into an adventurous and busy Brooklyn life before moving to Michigan in 1998. She was a New York gal! In May 2002, Bastet gained a Dad, when Alex and Veronica married. Although in her prime, Bastet demonstrated great speed, agility and flexibility (as demonstrated by a very impressive maneuver known as "the deceptive pirouette"), it was clear that the gifts to her adopted family were her greatest source of pride.

Bastet lived a good life, and enjoyed long and wonderful neighborhood walks with her Dad and visits to the park with her mom. She loved napping in sunlight, rides in the car, plain yogurt, peanut butter sandwiches, the occasional seedless red grape, and scrambled eggs for breakfast. She enjoyed the World of Smells, and we enjoyed the chattering of her teeth when she was happy. Bastet was a companion to Alex, assisting him on many occasions in practicing guitar and transcribing music. She loved to run errands with her Mom and assist her in many endeavors such as gardening and office work, and most importantly just hanging out with her. Bastet also loved to run free at Oval Beach during the cool weather of Spring.

Much loved, forever missed, a happy and sweet girl, affectionate, generous, loyal and content, she passed peacefully in her comfy bed with her head in her Mom’s lap and her Dad by her side.

Surviving close family members include: Peeps Mom and Dad, Uncle Albert, Aunt Christi and Uncle Lenny, cousins Draper and Dora, Godmother Tracey, and best pals Lola and Cinny. Her loving “grandmother” Ruth, and best friend Atticus predecease Bastet.

"Let's go, girl!"

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  1. I am so thankful. Bastet, that we got to meet you. You were a wonderful addition to Bubba-Dog's first birthday party. We still have the pictures! You were such a gentle dog. The most gentle I have seen. It's clear you picked a wonderful family to be rescued by. Where you're running now, there is no money on your head. Wait for us, & please come running up when I get there!


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