Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lost: Italian Greyhound in Harper Woods

A little 17 pound Italian Greyhound is lost - for almost a week - in the
Harper Woods/Grosse Pointe area - last seen around I-94 and Moross. His
name is Caesar, he is gray, 16 years old, hearing and sight impaired,
wearing a collar with outdated info on it. They have contacted all local
authorities, pet-finder, and craig's list.
If you are in the area and can help look, please call Sherri at


  1. Oh Quasar, I hope that poor old Ceasar finds his way home safe and sound. Let us know WHEN he does, please.

  2. Oh, poor thing! I hope they can find him, but it doesn't sound good. We'll be praying for him and for his owners.


  3. ohh poor baby caesar i love him he is my dog but im only 11 yrs old please help us find him he has been gone for about 3 months today is his b-day may 10


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