Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lost Dog Found In Harper Woods

A very friendly dog followed my husband and Quasar home on their walk today. We've taken the dog to the local Animal Hospital where they checked for a microchip -- and he doesn't have one.

If you're missing your dog in the area, call Harper Woods Police Dept. at 313-343-2530 to find out if he's the one we've found.

Today is Saturday, December 12, 2009.

THE LOST DOG HAS BEEN REUNITED WITH HIS OWNER. Thanks to the both of us having called the police.

People, please remember to microchip your dog! It could have helped in this situation.


  1. Oh the poor thing. At least it is in out of the cold and wet. Hope someone comes for it. Microchips are sooooo important.
    Quasar, it was very much nice of you to go to all that for the lost one.

  2. I've tried everything and called everyone to try to find his owner. I can't believe that someone isn't missing him right now. He's a sweetheart, and well trained, and FULL of energy. Play, Lick, Play, Lick, Play...and on and on.

    Hopefully, someone will call for him soon.


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